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Nov 20, 2012 11:00pm EST
ahead you are up. i want to give you a big florida state booyah. i want to know about duke energy. >> i think that 5% yield is terrific. let's go to shalandera in ohio. >> i was trying to find out if western union was a buy or sell? >> no, i will tell you why. that was one of the most disturbing conference calls. i had no idea. you can't touch that thing. let's go to art. >> my stock is qihu. reported a terrific quarter again yesterday and i wonder what you thought. >> there are a lot of chinese companies that are doing better. buy the fxi. that is what my trust has been buying. we believe that china has been making a major turn. let's go to jeanette in florida. >> i would like to know what you think of amcc. >> way too at the mercy of the big buyers of its technology. that thing blows in the wind of whether the big guys need equipment or not. let's go to michael in virginia. >> cim, what are your thoughts? >> i regard it as unfathomable. don't buy. let's go to sal in florida. >> thank you. i have stock that goes up and down. csco. >> listen sunshine, that cisco quarter was terrific. i
Nov 28, 2012 6:00pm EST
for good maps. easy play and energy play. down delayed i think usually for. a restaurant, let call it that. a disji play. . and now we need to go to donna in texas. done a! >> caller: good been u snumt of of mulk ulgd nasz grol, oofr you governor ksz kolt. >> >> caller: good evening. western union? >> western union we're going to transfer. it's been going up, it's a bank. aig, they're very different. kkr is a private equity company. we're going to get rid of bank of america, we'll can keep kkr, you're leaving western union entirely and let's add apple, too, because you don't have enough technology. that, ladies and gentlemen, is the conclusion of diversify! back after the break. >> it's a brutal full-contact sport. >> from the time the whistle blows, traders bracing for what could turn out to be a wild session. >> it's the last play of the game. >> the market is absolutely getting hammered today. >> i know it's not easy but i promise to keep fighting for you. >> jim kraemer, leveling the playing field for all. >> the road is a tough one but the playoff can be the greatest one of all. >> jo
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2